Luxurious Featured Homes

Luxurious featured homes showcase high-end amenities

Simply put, it’s fun to tour houses on the Parade offering dream-home amenities! Theaters, gourmet kitchens, massive square footage, huge garages: this year’s four featured homes have it all waiting for you to take a glimpse into the luxurious life.

Featured homes must be priced at $750,000 or more and a first-time entry on the Parade. The cost is $5 to tour all four homes.

Four HBA of F-M members have volunteered their entries for this year’s event:

  • #17 - Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead | $1,695,500 | 992 Mulburry Ln, West Fargo in The Wilds
  • #52 - Heritage Homes | $1,350,000 | 6131 Wildflower Dr S, Fargo in Rocking Horse Farm
  • #53 - Fargo Modern Homes | $1,250,000 | 6053 Wildflower Dr S, Fargo in Rocking Horse Farm
  • #54 - Carpenter Homes | $799,900 | 4790 Tallgrass Cove S, Fargo in Rocking Horse Farm

Since 2003, the Parade of Homes’ luxurious featured homes have raised nearly $140,000 for Home Builders Care of F-M Foundation, the HBA of F-M’s charity that supports scholarships and projects related to housing like Habitat for Humanity and construction of handicap-accessible ramps.

Click here for more details on Home Builders Care Foundation.